Th e most i m p o r t a n t q u a l i t y o f a daani (giver) is to do so with no expectations whatsoever. Shubha Srikanth ruminates on how this virtue has become a flaunt-worthy act with technology to its aid.

The act of donating, or of generosity, termed daan in Hinduism, is an act of relinquishing ownership of a commodity and offering it to another person. Likewise, in Christianity, Islam and every other religion ‘the act of giving’ is a virtue to be imbibed and practiced; a dharma or responsibility that purifies the soul at a spiritual level. At a more mundane level, perhaps the act imbibes the quality of sparing a thought for a fellow human being; and, may be, a sense of pure, lasting joy that the other’s agony has been alleviated, even if by a quarter, rather that assuage the ego.

This is the era of broadcasting. There was a time when only media broadcasted. Along with that was the one aunt or uncle in every family, who was the official gossipmonger, nicknamed the ‘broadcaster’, who ensured that every secret, stealthily made its way out to every other family member and beyond.

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What People Said
The entire issue of gender inequality prevailing from over centuries is the product of human psyche. If we minutely observe the ways of the world and Mother Nature, it will strongly emerge that there is no difference among the genders. In many cases, females are either equal or stronger than the males. The responsibility to strike a balance among the genders lies on us.
Shri Vijay Rupani
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat
I am happy to know that Jain University has fostered diversity as an employer and always been a part of initiatives that promote women and takes pride in preparing and galvanizing female students for a future that offers them unprecedented opportunities. The University also brings out its magazine Aventure to focus on women [the latest issue] across various streams that have razed hurdles to become inspirations in their own ways
Shri Vajubhai Vala
Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka
I have perused the issue and am delighted to know that the University is striving hard for highlighting contributions and achievements of women in the upliftment of society as a whole. I am sanguine and appreciate the University’s positive efforts in this direction that will benefit the society immensely. positive efforts in this direction that will benefit the society immensely positive efforts in this direction that will benefit the society immensely
Brig. (Dr.) Surjit Singh Pabla
Vice Chancellor, BSDU


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